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Why dwarf cows are famous?

List of dwarf cows...
1) Punganur 
2) Vechur 
3) Kasargod
4) Malnad gidda
5) Coorg dwarf
6) Palakkad dwarf
7) Vadakara dwarf
8) Idukki dwarf 
9) Orissa dwarf
11)Kuttampuzha dwarf

Naturally Animals, humans become dwarf in hilly hot & humid areas.Pure Dwarf breeds milk contains small fat globules which makes easy for the human digestive system to digest.Phospholipid membrane surrounded by above fat molecule which is essential for the development of brain and nerve tissue makes dwarf cows milk valuable and medicinal.

Most of the dwarf breed's milk contains 8 percent fat, normally cow milk has 3-4% fat content. These dwarf cows are highly drought tolerant and live by only eating dry fodder.

Dwarf cows have "thermometer gene" that enables them to better endure high temperatures. Dwarf dairy animals are now picking up prevalence among a few ranchers since they devour less nourishment and water than traditional breeds.

Small-scale agriculturists require just a single or two dwarf cows to meet the milk needs of their family units. The breeds are additionally less vulnerable to mastitis, a typical udder disease. 

Clients will pay more for milk from a dwarf cow. A litre of milk from a dwarf cow will sell for threefold the amount of as the other native cows. Their manure is rich in microorganisms that can restore the fruitfulness and supplements of soil. Their bi-products have therapeutic properties. 

Local breeds are not like money-spinning animals with regards to the amount of milk. They create substantially less milk every day than other breeds.for example, one can get a most extreme of two litres of milk for each day. Contrast that with a normal of 20 litres from a Holstein-Friesian. It's the quality that matters. 

There is popularity for their milk, cow dung and urine, all of which have restorative value. A large portion of clients from Ayurveda organizations collects first milk, first discharge of urine and dung for their experiments. 

Dung will be secured by thin mucous which makes the excrement to not stick on the skin of dairy animals and even human hands when dealing with. Dung has a charming scent and no foul smell. These can withstand extreme warmth waves coincidentally found these dairy animals likewise produce one-tenth of the methane of an ordinary measured cow.By reproducing our indigenous cows, we can lessen the measure of methane discharged into the atmosphere.milk of the dwarf cow has a greater amount of the beta-casein assortment A2, instead of the assortment A1 which is embroiled in ailments like diabetes, heart troubles and a mental imbalance/autism.

Record Holder Profile Video: Manikyam - the shortest cow in the world


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