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Want more flowering for fruit trees? Learn the concept of Smudging !!

Is your tree is lazy to give fruits? Is your tree stubborn to bear fruits? You can make your tree listen to you., how? SMUDGING... Smudging is concept of giving smokey fire to tree, branches and leaves. Some of old aged people know this concept very well, it was slowly perished after potassium nitrate/paclobutrazol came into existence which will make tree to induce flowers and bear fruits. Smudging is simple, gather dried material like leaves, branches, peels, husks etc. Identify air movement, burn dried material. With the flow air into you farm smoke will spread to all trees. Or Keep dried material under the tree and slowly start fire the smoke will spread to the tree. If you want more smoke add some green leaves like Neem or Moist organic material. Best time to do smudging is early morning where air movement is very low and smoke will spread evenly. This need to be done every morning until tree induce with flowers. For Example, Mango trees will start flowering in the months of SEPTE

Weeds and Soil

A weed is considered as a nasty plant, yet we don't know how they survive and they grow profusely. Weeds, environmentally, are the principal plants to grow in nutrient less,nutrients insufficient soils that is in poor soil. Most weeds develop in soils that are high in nitrates and are microorganisms commanded soils. By observing the kind of weeds that grow on your soil, will give you sense of what conditions are constraining. The genuine reason behind weed growth is to improve the biology of soil. Numerous weeds go about as authorities of inadequate soil minerals. The compelling force of nature doesn't care for uncovered soils, so she discovers something to develop (weeds) that improve soil so different plants can develop,thrive, adapt for correcting imbalanced nutrient in soil. Each plant is a pointer of the conditions that exist in that field and demonstrates why some agronomic yields (corn, groundnut, Paddy, Beans) development may endure. Weeds provide us some insig