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Worm Bin - The Efficient Composting Technique.

The worm bin is in the centre, and that is the place you can nourish the framework with your food scraps. In this form, it’s a sort of plastic bottle( Used bottles you can find in any general stores for 5rs, biscuit, chocolates, halls, Vicks bottles which they throw away after completion) pierced with holes—all things considered, you could utilize any sort of container that you can bore openings(drill holes) into. Around the outside is more soil, planted with veggies or herbs or blooms and so on of your decision. The dampness levels that are perfect for the worms are the same as the dampness levels that are perfect for the plants, yet any fluid that is produced by the compost will be consumed by the dirt and sustain the plants.  A cover(lid) would come helpful to evade flies, yet it isn't fundamental. When you put in rotten stuff that pulls in flies, as fish, chicken, meat, simply cover it under the base of the worm bin and cover it with soil and treated the soil materials i

Types of Seeds

Seeds are extremely imperative since plants replicate. Be that as it may, a few plants as opposed to creating seeds discharge spores for reproduction.There are around a million unique sorts of seeds, so the division of a particular kind of seed is somewhat troublesome. 1)Open-Pollinated seeds  - Open-pollination is when pollination happens by insects, birds, wind, humans, or other normal procedures. Since there are no confinements on the stream of pollen between individuals, open-pollinated plants are all the more hereditarily differing. This can cause a more prominent measure of variety inside plant populaces, which enables plants to gradually adjust to nearby developing conditions and atmosphere year-to-year. at that point the seed delivered will stay consistent with type a seemingly endless amount of time. Indigenous seeds or Native seeds are alluded to as desi seeds or naati seeds as well. 2)Heirloom Seeds - A heirloom variety is a plant assortment that has a background m

Seed treatment – Traditional methods

Seed treatment is done to ensure the soil-borne pests don't attack it even ensure ants squirrels and birds from feeding on the sowed seeds. 1. SEED TREATMENT WITH COW URINE: Required materials: Cow urine – 2 litres (preferably buffalo’s urine which can effectively control fungal diseases) Cow dung: 1 Kg Mond or live soil: 1 Kg Mix all the above-mentioned materials with seeds and allow them for drying up to one hour. Note: This method is suitable for the crops with seed rate of 30-60Kgs, e.g., Groundnut 2. SEED TREATMENT FOR IMPROVING GERMINATION: Soaking the seeds in water before sowing will improve the germination percentage. Duration of soaking depends on the nature of the seed coat. We can improve the disease resistance by soaking these seeds in cow urine. Example : Soaking time required for Paddy: 12 hours soaking in water and drying of seed under shade for 4-5 hrs Maize: 24 Hrs Wheat: 7 Hrs Groundnut: 1-2 Hrs 3.OTHER METHODS: For any variety of seed spraying of cow

Fall seven times and stand up eight - Mrs.Vidhya

AhamKrishak Bandhu session in the cheap way of farming WhatsApp group with Smt Vidhya from Vellore district, Tamilnadu, India. Held on 14 Jan 2018. Session in her own words.            Often in farming we see lot of issues with money most of the time farmers do not get the value for their produce.. At other times familial obligations like marriage n if any previous loans eat into the budget of the farmer pushing him to take loans as we know bgetting loan from banking institutions is not that easy one has to make several trips if you dont have some banking employee as your friend or acquaintance under such circumstances farmer is pushed towards loan sharks who give loans easily but which grows into mountain in few days if one is not familiar or does not have means to pay back the monthly interest rate .. This and erdatic climatic conditions inability to market produce often leads to menta pressure driving the farmer to think of giving up his life as the only solution as such we hav

Get Rid Of Animals In Farms

Wild Boar Menace Adoption of dog is the permanent solution. How we will catch rats with rat cage? Can we catch wild bores like this? I saw in the zoo, they will dig trenches behind fence..animals will not able to come out of trenches. Solar fencing. Birthday balloons Rotten egg smell will deter wild boars. Pour rotten egg solution into boundaries Kerosene lamp smell wild boar don't like Spraying pig manure solution weekly on boundaries, on crops also helps. Wild boars don't like these crops Castor, Macassar, GuarGum, they won't come near to it.For Example, If u want to cultivate groundnuts plant castor as boundary crop(3-4 rows) overcome wild boars. Justicia adhatoda As live fencing, Even goats won't bother.Adhatoda is a medicinal plant too and can be used in making herbal pesticide. Some farmers soak gunny bag threads in sulfur + castor oil dissolved in a bucket of the water and tie as a boundary.Wild Boars don't like the smell of t

Slash and Burn technique

Ranchers would plant on a bit of rainforest arrive, reap the products, at that point burn what remained.The outcome layer of ash would treat the land, however, the procedure was ideal just for indigenous groups that would move to another land, at that point return once the dirt had redeveloped supplements. In current slash-and-burn cultivating, agriculturists plant over the ash, which enables the harvests to develop for about a year yet rapidly dissolves and doesn't give the advantages of rich topsoil.  Their "slash and burn" clearing of poor, tropical Laotian soils managed their patio nurseries for a few years, after which the supplements were exhausted and they would slash and burn another site, though Amazonians lived 700 to 10,000 years on a similar poor tropical soils, without moving, on the grounds that they delivered biochar from natural squanders, which are as yet five feet somewhere down in numerous regions.  Biochar can last hundreds to thousands of ye

Power of Native seeds

Researchers have found that plants can speak with different plants and can detect their surroundings utilizing compound signals.For decades, researchers and organizations have utilized a clear way to deal with battle weeds,  diseases and insects.  Stage one: locate a synthetic that controls a specific pest in a crop. Stage two: persuade ranchers to splash the synthetic on the crop.  While Researchers finding an alternate type of science that change the fate of pest control.  They found that plants can speak with different plants and can detect their surroundings utilizing synthetic signs. Those chemicals are discharged or ingested when there are changes in ecological conditions or dangers to the plant. For instance, a bug begins biting on the leaf of one plant. That plant will then radiate a (compound) flag that will alarm close-by plants that there's a herbivore in the zone. Specialists now trust that plants can send and get motions in various ways, including che

Why dwarf cows are famous?

List of dwarf cows... 1) Punganur  2) Vechur  3) Kasargod 4) Malnad gidda 5) Coorg dwarf 6) Palakkad dwarf 7) Vadakara dwarf 8) Idukki dwarf  9) Orissa dwarf 10)Cheruvally 11)Kuttampuzha dwarf 12)Vilwadri Naturally Animals, humans become dwarf in hilly hot & humid areas.Pure Dwarf breeds milk contains small fat globules which makes easy for the human digestive system to digest.Phospholipid membrane surrounded by above fat molecule which is essential for the development of brain and nerve tissue makes dwarf cows milk valuable and medicinal. Most of the dwarf breed's milk contains 8 percent fat, normally cow milk has 3-4% fat content. These dwarf cows are highly drought tolerant and live by only eating dry fodder. Dwarf cows have "thermometer gene" that enables them to better endure high temperatures. Dwarf dairy animals are now picking up prevalence among a few ranchers since they devour less nourishment and water than traditional

Frequently asked questions on Natural Farming !!!

Debate Natural Farming, Organic farming and Chemical farming in CWF Whatsapp group. Promoters: Surendranath, Naveen Bhatti, Sujatha Gullapalli, Sokkalingam, Naresh Rayikanti, Harish  Babu Prosecutors: Ravisankar Tekuru, Appayya Ramarao, Sivakumar Reddy, Bharath Chandra What is natural farming? Natural farming: Using locally available resources as inputs and not purchasing inputs from outside for farming is Natural farming ... Masanobu Fukuoka of Japan is famous worldwide for Natural farming with his book " The one straw revolution " .... but there are persons in several countries including our country who have been practising their own methods ... they may not have got noticed ... Zero Budget Natural Farming ( ZBNF) is one of the methods in Natural Farming. ZBNF name is coined and implemented by Sri. Subhash Palekar... ZBNF is designed as per present financial, ecological conditions of our country for sustainable agriculture. What is organic farming?