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Cultivation of Cabbage

Climate: Cabbage love cool and moist (15C-21C) conditions. Optimum temperature to give higher productivity is 15C-16C. It is frost and snow tolerant, can withstand upto -10C. August,September or October is best time to grow in India. Above 25C plant won't die but stops growth.  Soil: Cultivation of cabbage is done mainly on sandy to heavy soils rich in organic matter.  Early harvests favor light soil while late yields flourish better on heavier soils because of maintenance of dampness. On substantial soils,plants develop all the more gradually and the keeping quality is progressed.  A pH range of 6.0-6.5 is considered as optimum for growing cabbage. Plants growing in saline soils are prone to diseases. Grow cabbage in soil rich in organic matter that is well-drained. Cabbage grows best where the soil pH is between 6.5 and 7.5. Seed: 120 grams of  seeds are required for one acre.  In India, Cabbage is cultivated for the most part as Rabi amid winter (S

Soil & Water Management Videos

For soil & water management at farms and in villages, videos by Paani Foundation ( ), especially, sharing following useful videos in marathi and hindi ... What is Watershed Development? A Film by WOTR (English) Earthen Dams | For Rainwater Harvesting (Marathi) Farm Bunds | For Rainwater Harvesting (Marathi) How to Mark Contour Lines Using a Hydromarker How to Make Your Own Hydromarker How to Construct a Soak Pit (Marathi) Loose Boulder Structures | For Rainwater Harvesting (Marathi) Gabions: For Rainwater Harvesting  Farm Ponds: For Rainwater Harvesting (Marathi) How to Build a Vanrai Bandhara (Marathi) Water Budgeting (Hindi) Hope you find it useful too... Do Spread Far and Wide..