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DETAILS OF RAMABANAM 40 DAY MANDAL PROGRAMME FOR REVIVING SOIL By Dr. PRATTIPATI RAMAIAH. I.O.F.S.(Retd) Giving The Items And Fermentation Days With Quantity. We Have To Recalculate For One Acre. Item       Fermentation  Quantity  Water  Minutes for Stirring Ginger   7days   1 kg   90 ltrs   90 m Cow dung   5 days   1 kg   50 ltrs  60 m Cow Urine  0 days  1 ltr  70 ltrs  90 m Jaggery  7 days  1 kg  25 ltrs  60 m Asofoetida  7 days  1 kg  90 ltrs  90 m Chickpea flour 7days  1 kg  50 ltrs  60 m Buttermilk  3days  1 lt  65 ltrs  90 m (All native cow products) APPROXIMATE GUIDELINES Each item has to be fermented for 0/3/5/7 days and they have to be sprayed in the field after stirring the solution.. So we

Bio-Pesticides : The Plant Protectors

Nature has provided a pest control system, which needs to be preserved. Diversity has an important role in building and maintaining an ecological balance. Some of the NPM practices that are based on observing and creating diversity are mixed or multi cropping techniques which include insect repelling plants, perennial trees and grasses; and preparation of bio-pesticides from different plant materials such as Milea azadrichta, Vitex negundo, calotropis gigantean, Pongamea glabra etc. Methods of Preparation Method – 1  Ingredients: Pods of Datura [Datura sirumarium]  - 1 kg Seeds of Arali [Nerium oleander]  - 1 kg Tobacco waste - 1 kg Lime [diluted calcium Carbonate] - 250 g Cow Urine - 5 lit Mud pot (10 ltr capacity) - 1 No. Preparation Method: The pods of Datura to be finely powdered; the seeds of Arali pounded well. The Tobacco waste and lime to be added to the above mixture, add 5 lit of cow urine and put all in a mud pot.The mud pot is covered with a lid and buried inside the ma


Panchagavya is a blend of 5 items acquired from the cow.which is utilised in customary prescription broadly. These are Cow- Dung,Urine,Milk, Curd and Ghee. This is moreover specified in Vruksh-Ayurveda writings and it has been tested by different natural farmers. It has a noteworthy job in preventing pests,disease and expanding the general yield. Panchagavya as a Liquid Manure: Items Used: · Cow dung - 5 kilo · Water - 5 liters · Cow urine - 2 liters · Curd - 2 liters · Clarified butter/Ghee - 1 liter · Sugarcane juice - 2 liters (Instead of sugarcane juice utilize 500gms of Honey or 1 kg of jaggery or Palm sugar). Blend these items in a mud pot and mix them well. Permit this blend under shade for aging for around 3 weeks. At that point take out 2 liters of Panchagavya and weaken it with 100 liters of water and, shower on the crops by utilising a power sprayer in 1 acre of land plot. The above blend is adequate for splashing 4 acres of land at the rate of 2 rounds per crop. The wea

Dhabolkar method of green manuring

Mr.Dhabolkar, an organic farming expert in Maharashtra, has proved the efficacy of green manure method, which helps to return to the soil many times more nutrients than what we take from that same soil. The first step, therefore, to enrich the soil organically is to grow a variety of crops on the land and then plough the green matter back into the soil. Using this method it is possible to enrich the depleted soil in just two hundred days. Even land that has been depleted of all nutrients due to chemical farming can be resuscitated in this manner.By growing the following crops for 50-60 days and then ploughing them in-situ we add balanced nutrients and micro-nutrients to the land. The soil will become enriched in less than a year and micro-nutrient deficiency is eliminated. The following quantities will suffice for one acre. Choose four of each of the following types:(One from category total five) 1. Grains: 5Kg (Example: 1 kg Sorghum, 500 gms Pearl millet, 250 gms F