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Inexpensive Hydroponics System - Profitable Floating Garden

These types of gardens are useful to grow crops in wetlands, waterlogged areas and difficult soils for growing crops. This is very suitable for areas which are constantly affected with floods, rains and low level areas where water gets stagnant. As a traditional agricultural practice, floating garden is often associated with specific indigenous communities who gave these floating bodies different names; ‘radh’ in Kashmir, India, ‘pontha’ in southeast of India, ‘kaing’ in Myanmar, ‘chinampas’ in Mexico and ‘ dhap’ or ‘ baira’ in Bangladesh. Materials required for making floating gardens. Floating Bed Seedling preparation Floating Bed: Any plant residues like paddy or weeds are used in preparing floating beds. Many areas' water hyacinth plants are invasive and available in abundance, Which is a potential source for making floating beds. Collect those available materials and make 2-4 layers at 8-10 days of interval. The very first layer gives stability and becomes the base for this ra