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Cultivation of Mushroom

1) How is mushroom developed? Mushrooms develop from spores not from seeds, that are so minor you can't see singular spores with the exposed eye. Since the spores don't contain chlorophyll to start developing (as seeds do), they depend on substances, for example, sawdust, grain, wooden attachments, straw, wood chips, or fluid for sustenance. 2)What conditions are required for a mushroom to develop?  a)Both normal and shiitake mushrooms can grow at home, however each sort of mushroom has distinctive development necessities.  b)Light. Mushrooms can't separate supplements from the sun as green plants do, so they needn't bother with light. ...  c)Dampness. Mushrooms, similar to all growths, flourish in wet situations. ...  d)Temperature. ...  e)Supplements.  3)What is spawn/substrate in mushroom?  Mushroom spawn is just any substance that has been vaccinated with mycelium, the vegetative development of a fungi. The spawn is utilised to exchange mycelium

Cultivation of Cauliflower

Climate: Cauliflower love cool and moist (18C-20C) conditions. Optimum temperature to give higher productivity is 18C. It is frost and snow tolerant, can withstand upto -10C. August,September or October is best time to grow in India. Above 25C plant won't die but stops growth. It need atleast 6hours sunlight to grow properly. Soil: Cultivation of Cauliflower is done mainly on sandy to heavy soils rich in organic matter. Early harvests favour light soil while late yields flourish better on heavier soils because of maintenance of dampness. On substantial soils,plants develop all the more gradually and the keeping quality is progressed. In summer grow Cauliflower in heavy soil because of water holding capacity in winter prefer sandy soil which drain water quickly. A pH range of 6.0-7.0 is considered as optimum for growing Cauliflower. Plants growing in saline soils are prone to diseases.Grow Cauliflower in soil rich in organic matter that is well-drained. Cauliflower  grows be