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Cultivation of Castor

Climate : Indian Tropical climate is excellent. It is almost grown commonly in all hot areas. Soil : Any soils it grows well. But it loves to grow in slightly acidic sandy soils with pH ranging 5.5 to 6.5. Castor was grown in wastelands which are not fit to grow food crops. Seed : 4-6 kg of seed required. Soak seeds for 12-24hours before sowing for better germination. Duration :105-190 days. Spacing : 2 feet   X  2 feet or 3feet(row-to-row) X 1feet(plant-to-plant). Field Preparation : 3-6 tons of FYM or Compost can be applied before plough soil.Any liquid manure can be sprayed before 15-21 days. Sowing Method : It is very simple method as I said it is to be sowed just 2 inches in the soil  ( 2 seeds at a time) Irrigation : Initial days weekly for half hour irrigation required and after two months for every 15 days Inter-crops : 6 rows of groundn