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Cultural importance of Agriculture in Society

In our Ancient scripts food is considered to be basic building block of life. If this block is energy deficient,the flow of energy is disturbed in its consumer too. Hence it is said that


If we allow our farms to flourish in sync with the nature, we too become a part of this universal phenomenon and hence can generate a feeling of “VASUDHAIVE KUTUMBAKAM”
(Whole world is my family).

Agriculture was a traditional way of life. It was not an economic activity. In the autonomous village, agriculture was the basic life activity of the people. Its major function, (if an integrated life activity can at all be analysed in terms of functions), was to fulfil their life needs. The needs of the Government, of the market, of the industry were all secondary to this function.

Today the Equity sharing in agriculture has reduced to a practice of few land owners giving their farm land on contract to farmers for a season and get returns in the form of certain percentage of the production.The Wealth and Prosperity that abounds anywhere today is the creation of the progress of Modern Science. But till today, the best and the latest of the modern science and its results have failed to reach to the last person. It is always essential to hand over the essence of the science to the grass root people. With the self earned knowledge of such science they can build their own techniracies (Technical Literacies) to create their desired “Plenty and Prosperity” from their neighborhood. Their dependence on the Govt and other institution will reduce this way. Prosperity with Equity will gain its true meaning then.

Now a days many farming techniques have come in quest of safe food and this can now be roughly classified as Natural,organic,biodynamic,chemical,zbnf… Now people talk of Natural and Organic farming there is a subtle difference in both which can be said in lay terms as is below
If you throw a mango seed in your balcony wait for germination... Wait for tree to grow...wait for fruits... Is natural farming...
If you feed the tree with micro organic fermentations is called organic farming...Organic derived from micro organisms...All the techniques have there merits & demerits....

Society & government are traveling along like a river which meet we need to decide to travel along or strike the water flow like a big stone..and to change the path of river. The time has began we need flow like rivers by leveling all ups & downs in the society...Hunger will not listen the words of dharma & nyaya...Farmers are dying here...It's the time to wakeup to raise the hands to clear the tears of farmer...A weak grass rise by splitting strongest hard ground...we need take inspiration from the grass...

We are busy in earning money, money more money for the sake of our children without caring the society. Without teaching the hardships of life if you give money to your children they will become useless and turns as alcoholics. This is what you are expecting the life of future generations to be? Whatever you feel right and you believe it will  help farmer...I'm with you... I started this group for the sake of farmers & uplifting dying Agriculture...

Motto of our group
If someone say one of technique is best...why farmers are dying day by day...We are not opposing any technique nor promoting any technique....We will take all the merits of all techniques and promote to save farmer from suicide...To save poor farmer and to satisfy middle, rich farmers in terms of adaptability we are collecting data from various people like successful farmers, Agri students, employs,...etc.

We are against poisoning the there are certain restrictions to chemicals...Group objective is to promote community farming....We group... We grow... We eat...We serve is our motto
The failure of farming whether in India or elsewhere is Soil Mistreatment. Everything revolves around the way we treat soil.

1. Soil fertility is poor because of use of chemicals.
2. Soil structures which houses microbes are destroyed because of tilling.
3. Soil water percolation is lost dues to tillage because of which water is not retained inside the farm but flows out. Its a double blow, losing water and soil erosion.
5. Floods are caused because of poor soil.
6. Droughts are not withstood because water is not percolated.

To overcome all these and make this a sustainable movement..Information discussed in this group are
1.      How to enrich soil in cheap way?
2.     How to make healthy soil which give resistance to pest attack.
3.     How get good yields?


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