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Get Rid Of Animals In Farms

Wild Boar Menace
  • Adoption of dog is the permanent solution.
  • How we will catch rats with rat cage? Can we catch wild bores like this?
  • I saw in the zoo, they will dig trenches behind fence..animals will not able to come out of trenches.
  • Solar fencing.
  • Birthday balloons
  • Rotten egg smell will deter wild boars. Pour rotten egg solution into boundaries
  • Kerosene lamp smell wild boar don't like
  • Spraying pig manure solution weekly on boundaries, on crops also helps.
  • Wild boars don't like these crops Castor, Macassar, GuarGum, they won't come near to it.For Example, If u want to cultivate groundnuts plant castor as boundary crop(3-4 rows) overcome wild boars.
  • Justicia adhatoda As live fencing, Even goats won't bother.Adhatoda is a medicinal plant too and can be used in making herbal pesticide. Some farmers soak gunny bag threads in sulfur + castor oil dissolved in a bucket of the water and tie as a boundary.Wild Boars don't like the smell of thread...they go away.
  • The left out hairs from saloon spread across border also ward off wild boars as well as rabbits .( farmers in and around Kollegala were practising it).
Peacock menace
Hang empty beer bottles on trees. Drop a small stone in each bottle. Need to produce some sound for slight movement of air just like a wind chime. Make this setup. Hang 3 bottles in each and every corner.

Snakes menace
Turkey hen is good at avoiding snakes...get one turkey.There are chemicals available which will take care of the snake.Available at agriculture store.If you spread them around a boundary, due to smell the snakes won't come. Mint plant also deter snakes.

Rats And Rodents menace
Break Castor seeds, boil in water and keep it in an open bowl in Garden. Rats and rodents won't come into that area. This is a natural way of Scaring them.

Squirrels menace
For Arecanut growing farmers, an ecological way to avoid damage by squirrels - by growing Korale, Brown top millet in English, below the areca trees, squirrel feeds on brown top millet instead of areca nut, why only brown top millet? Because it is a shade loving plant, comes up well under shade, shades of areca nut tree never a barrier, and Korale or Browntop millet is fibre and nutrition rich, korale rotti is traditional nutritious food for hard-working farmers of in and around Tumkur and Madhugiri.Controlling Rats and Squirrels by wrapping metal bands around the trunk of the tree. due to sloppy nature, they cant climb.

Bird menace in cereal farms
Birds sometimes become a big headache when growing cereals....daily at the time of 5:30-7AM and 4-6Pm they attack field in groups especially corn fields… the following remedies help in tackling them.Tying video, cassette tape as ribbons. Many farmers make a big doll with paddy straw to overcome someones black eye...Hanging silver foil plates/ Playing the drums.Hanging beer bottles which contains small stones.

Ant menace:
Turmeric and cinnamon powder deter ants. Cornmeal kills the ants

Termites menace
Only turmeric/cinnamon powder can stop termites.Termites won't eat roots. Nature send them to powder dry matter for easy decomposition.When there is moisture and dry matter,y will come and powder dry matter. Nothing can stop them.

Elephants menace
To prevent elephants attack make 10 feet deep and 3 to 4 feet wide trenches on the borders. Works as water harvesting also.Sounds of bees buzzing amplified and fed by the loudspeakers are supposed to deter elephants.Some scientific studies have revealed that elephants are mortified by the buzzing of bees and escape madly from that place. Since they remember they are not likely to visit the place again. However, along with the sound system, it is better to have a few beehives to as added protection. Bees also are useful as pollinators.Having a dog.

Monkey menace
For Normal monkeys adopt a Langur monkey. Monkeys will fear by seeing this langur. Playing sounds of lion, tiger and snake also threatens monkeys. if they eat boiled potatoes due to heat inside boiled potato they will not visit again.

Other Animals
Animals don't like rotten egg smell. Collect rotten eggs and mix with 20times of water and spray on crops. the smell will be lost up to a month. In rainy season animals have full vegetation everywhere so they won't attack fields. It also acts like fertilizer to crops.

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