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Community Farming

We join, we grow, we share, we eat, we serve.A community-shared agriculture also refers to a particular network or association of individuals who have pledged to support one or more local farms, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

Companies with Buy Back Policy / Contract Farming can register here

Companies who provide Marketing assistance in selling the crops to the farmers who got into business with them by purchasing the Planting material from them. Other than providing complete marketing assistance, Companies who provide “Buy Back Agreement” in project of “Contract Farming” for some of the crops, which are highly demanded by their associates. In this way, they hereby by associating persons/farmers with them looking for nice profit & growing collectively. With proper network of buyers with them, Companies who provide returns to the farmers/cultivators who purchase the planting material from them and do farming as per their instructions. The crop/crops under buy back agreement are provided with targeted requirement, those companies can register here.

Seed Vendors Registration

Traditional seeds are sturdy have good resistance power to pest attack , withstand unfavorable climate conditions, require less water and nutritional inputs, best fit for the natural/organic method of farming and may even have special characteristics such as nutrition, fragrance or colour. We has decided to maintain reliable seed source and we invite you to share info of any seed source you know as well as check out the seed source from us. We hope one day all farmers will save and share their own seeds without depending on anyone for this basic need.

Discussion Forum

To Join this discussion group, send email to After joining as a member.To post to this group, send email to Visit this group at Mail to to join our whatsapp. Facebook : Dear members, There is a question: "What types of discussions/questions/topics we discuss in this group? How is it helping the group to do farming?" This group discusses farming related tips/techniques from soil preparation to harvesting to self marketing your produce to resource management. Here is the list: 1) Soil preparation 2) Good seeds 3) Inter-crop 4) Pest management 5) Good yielding measures 6) Self marketing 7) Value addition 8) Processing 9) Resource management 10) Cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs 11) Plant long term wood yielding trees like teak, sandalwood, malabar neem, etc as wind breakers in the direction of S