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Air layering - A method of propagating your favourite plant

Special thanks to Mrs.JayaKrishnaVeni for her support in bringing this article into this website. Air layering is a method of propagating your favourite plant, asexually with all the genetics of the main plant. First, identify the plant or tree you would want to propagate. Secondly, you can follow any of the two methods described below. Method I: Make two cuts, two inches apart, in the bark of the branch of the selected plant. The cut should not be deeper, just short enough to get through the bark. Remove the bark between the two cuts to expose the next layer of the stem (cambium). Remove the second layer too to get a little deeper into the stem. This can be done by scratching it out. If you don’t remove this layer properly, the propagation could fail. Now, the stem is ready for packing material around it. Method II: Make a cut by inserting a knife, reaching the center of the stem and then upwards two inches long. Insert a tooth pick or some other material, like coco peat, which sepa

Can we achieve perfect soil with cow?

  Special thanks to Mr.Praveen Karri for his support in bringing this article into this website.   What is soil? Soil is an aggregate of four basic components: mineral solids, water, air and organic matter. Depending on how much of each is present in soil determines what makes good soil for growing crops for human and animal consumption, or for flowers that will adorn the dining room table. Soil health (also referred to as soil quality) can then be defined as “the capacity of a soil to function within ecosystems and land use applications that can sustain productivity, maintain environmental quality and promote plant and animal health.” Characteristics of healthy soil include: • Good soil tilth • Sufficient depth • Proper levels of nutrients • Good drainage • Large populations of beneficial organisms • Resistance to weeds and degradation • Resilient when unfavorable conditions occur Many of us don’t have to look any farther than our home yards and lawns to be able to understand basic s