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Solar Fence

Sun fueled Fencing:

Sun fueled fencing is a legitimate fence that tackles sun arranged imperativeness with the backup setup to run uninterruptedly in the midst of the nights and moreover shady days. The whole structure can be derived into two sections, one is the Electronic Unit and the other is the Fence. This Electronic Unit contains a Solar Photovoltaic setup, Energizer, Alarm, Battery and Voltage Control Unit. The Solar Photovoltaic Module in the Electronic Unit changes over the sunshine into electrical imperativeness and charges the Battery through CCU. The Energizer through the CCU takes 12V supply as data and empowers the same into 7000 to 9900-volt beats. These heartbeats will experience the fencing wires at a reliable interval of around 1 beat for each 1.2 second with the term of each beat of around 3 milliseconds. For Farms security from Animal intrusion Solar fencing is favoured.

The outline of the Electronic Unit is as under: Types of wall Our Solar Power Fencing Systems are comprehensively sorted as under: Agriculture fencing This framework should meet the necessity of client who wishes to shield his yields from residential creatures. The System is reasonable for Farms, Aquaculture and Horticulture and so forth.

Security fencing

This framework should meet the necessities of Customers whose premises/properties are to be secured against trespassing/Thefts/Intrusions and so on. Perfect for Residences, Establishments, Go downs, Stadiums and so forth.

Creature fencing

AST has uniquely planned Systems to avert wild creatures like Elephants, Bears, Wild Boars and so on, to ensure villagers dwelling close to woodland.

High-security fencing

These Systems are intended to shield the limit from an interruption other than giving access to identify the sort of interruption with the assistance of CCTV, High Fidelity Camera, Flood Lights, Autodialer and so forth. The real application being used by the Government Institutions, VVIP habitations and so forth.

Features: Reliable and Durable.Trouble Free Performance.Uses Indigenous Technology.The wide scope of Applications.

Meets the parameters of Safety Standards Confirming to spec. No: affirming to BIS 302-2-76(1999)- IEC 335-2-76(1997).

Favorable circumstances

There are various purposes behind picking Solar Electric Fencing: STANDALONE NON-LETHAL SYSTEM.

Minimal effort - Electric Fences require fewer materials and work than the regular wall.

Effectively CONSTRUCTED - with less and lighter materials.

LONG LIFE - because of diminished physical weight.

General APPLICATION - will contain a wide range of creatures while debilitating predators and trespassers.

Enhances EXISTING FENCES - by including 1 or 2 jolted wires in your regular fence or by including counterbalances. This will broaden the fence life.

Straight forwardness AND FLEXIBILITY - a brisk and simple approach to viable subdivide an enclosure for serious brushing, enhancing field administration and generation.

LOW MAINTENANCE - because of lessened stock weight.

LESS DAMAGE TO STOCK - the stun from an electric fence makes no physical harm stock and in the event that they are constrained through electric fences by wild creatures or shrubbery fires there is decreased probability of damage

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