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Air layering - A method of propagating your favourite plant

Special thanks to Mrs.JayaKrishnaVeni for her support in bringing this article into this website.

Air layering is a method of propagating your favourite plant, asexually with all the genetics of the main plant. First, identify the plant or tree you would want to propagate. Secondly, you can follow any of the two methods described below.

Method I: Make two cuts, two inches apart, in the bark of the branch of the selected plant. The cut should not be deeper, just short enough to get through the bark. Remove the bark between the two cuts to expose the next layer of the stem (cambium). Remove the second layer too to get a little deeper into the stem. This can be done by scratching it out. If you don’t remove this layer properly, the propagation could fail. Now, the stem is ready for packing material around it.

Method II: Make a cut by inserting a knife, reaching the center of the stem and then upwards two inches long. Insert a tooth pick or some other material, like coco peat, which separates the two portions. The medium should separate the two portions such that it does not allow the reunion of stem. Now, the stem is ready for packing material around it.

Packing around the stem: Get some moist soil or coco peat or peat moss, you can also add a little amount of vermicompost, if available. The thickness of filling medium should be sufficient to hold moisture to enable the stem develop roots. Use a plastic wrap to hold the above said material such that there is about one inch of medium all around the stem. Wrap the plastic material airtight and wind a thin rope around it. Punch a small hole in the underside of the pack to drain excess water, in case of too much moisture. Leave this as is for four to five weeks. When the developed roots are visible from outside, the new plant is ready to be detached from the main plant. Plant the sapling in a pot, to let the plant have more roots before moving it to its final location.

An air layering strategy - The simplest and most dependable air layer technique, you will actually use to make a duplicate of an organic product tree. It clones your tree successfully (produces a consistent with type, hereditarily indistinguishable tree), assists with the root improvement and the air layer can even be left unattended for extensive stretches, without the roots dieing. 

Utilizing a holder and kitchen film assists with keeping the dampness in, so you don't have to water anything else, during root advancement.


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