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Cultivation of Rose

About Author of this article:
Mr.Manjunath is Innovative farmer cultivating rose organically from Doddamanchi, Karnataka. He makes products like Rose herbal tea, Gulkhand, Rose Oil, Rose Water,Potpouri, Rose perfume, etc.

You can reach him on, 8971678861

Introduction :
Arka Savi: It is a spray category of rose belonging to floribunda group. Flowers are Purple Pink in colour and are produced in bunches. ‘Arka Savi’ is identified for its floriferous nature with high yield. Potential yield of flowers expected is 30 tons/acre/year. In addition to high yield, it has added advantage of long shelf life of 5-6 days.

Source :

•Rose belongs to family Rosaceae.
•Majority types of this species with minor difference belongs to genus Rosa.
•There are around 150 perceived and portrayed types of roses.
•The genus Rosa is divided into 4 sub genera namely- Eurosa, Platyrhodon,Hesperhodos, Hulthemia.

Floribunda:- …
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Strategies on moisture management and conservation of Soil & Water

Method – 1: Cover Crops
Improves soil structure and soil fertilityReduces soil erosion and water rain water run offSuppress weedsProvides food and manureImproves soil moisture and reduces surface crustingReduces high fluctuations of soil temperatureSome cover crops can provide good cash incomeA good alternative source of mulch, especially where crop residue areimportant animal feedMethod – 2: Mulching
Increases soil moistureReduces evaporation from soil surfaceSuppresses weedsReduce high fluctuation in soil temperatureIncreases soil organic matterProtects soil from splash erosion and water run off

Method – 3: Earth Basin
Can be constructed easily by hand

Want more flowering for fruit trees? Learn the concept of Smudging !!

Is your tree is lazy to give fruits? Is your tree stubborn to bear fruits? You can make your tree listen to you., how? SMUDGING...

Smudging is concept of giving smokey fire to tree, branches and leaves. Some of old aged people know this concept very well, it was slowly perished after potassium nitrate/paclobutrazol came into existence which will make tree to induce flowers and bear fruits.

Smudging is simple, gather dried material like leaves, branches, peels, husks etc. Identify air movement, burn dried material. With the flow air into you farm smoke will spread to all trees. Or Keep dried material under the tree and slowly start fire the smoke will spread to the tree. If you want more smoke add some green leaves like Neem or Moist organic material.

Best time to do smudging is early morning where air movement is very low and smoke will spread evenly. This need to be done every morning until tree induce with flowers. For Example, Mango trees will start flowering in the months of SEPTEMB…

Weeds and Soil

A weed is considered as a nasty plant, yet we don't know how they survive and they grow profusely. Weeds, environmentally, are the principal plants to grow in nutrient less,nutrients insufficient soils that is in poor soil. Most weeds develop in soils that are high in nitrates and are microorganisms commanded soils. By observing the kind of weeds that grow on your soil, will give you sense of what conditions are constraining. The genuine reason behind weed growth is to improve the biology of soil. Numerous weeds go about as authorities of inadequate soil minerals. The compelling force of nature doesn't care for uncovered soils, so she discovers something to develop (weeds) that improve soil so different plants can develop,thrive, adapt for correcting imbalanced nutrient in soil.
Each plant is a pointer of the conditions that exist in that field and demonstrates why some agronomic yields (corn, groundnut, Paddy, Beans) development may endure. Weeds provide us some insight into w…

Stone pole fencing Vs Cement pole fencing Vs Iron pole Fencing

Which is best Fencing? (Stone Vs Cement Vs Iron pole Fencing)

If your main concern is to protect your farm from theft, above 10 feet height poles required, which stands 8 feet above ground and 2 feet below ground.

Size: 4Inch * 6Inch average pole dimension with 8-10 feet length. Barbed wire from TATA wiron

Durability: Stone poles are much more durable than cement or iron. Cement poles starts crumble, iron poles often leads to damage due to rust. Especially poles used to support other poles used in corners or usually called as cross pieces must be strong. Only stone poles give sufficient support without damage.

Weight: Stone poles have good weight when compared to cement or iron, so it is not easy to theft by a single person. Whereas Iron poles are easy to lift and carry.

Distance: Ideal distance between pole to pole is 8 feet. Even in case when the fence wire sags after some period, it can be re-tightened. If distance increases there will be problem with fence wire.

Support poles: F…

Grey water treating using plants

Canna banana cattails vetiver phragmitis are some of the quick growing plants which can be used for bio filtering of waste waters. Each of these plants or several based on water to be purified are to be grown in buckets filled with sand. Each bucket has a tap at the bottom to allow the treated water to flow into the next bucket. Feeding of waste water is from top while withdrawal is at the bottom. Each bucket has a perforated tube embedded to allow air to be introduced into the interiors of the bucket. When the waste water enters the first bucket the tap is kept closed so that the roots of the plant are inundated with this waste water. Once the bucket is filled indicated by bubbles seizing coming out of the perforated tube the bottom tap is opened to allow water to flow into the next bucket and continued. The moment the tap is opened the water drains out sucking air in through the perforated tube. Thus the roots of the plant absorb nutrients from the waste water and air too and grow. …

Hydrologic Indicators - Termite mounds

Termite mounds as hydrologic indicators(underwater indicators to dig wells and borewells)

Varahamihira describes the possibility of water where ant hills are present. The termites in Sanskrit literature have been described as UPAJICA. Modern scientific studies reveal interesting facts authenticating the beliefs. In order to understand the significance of termite mound, a brief description of termites and its mounds, is a prerequisite.

The termites live in 4 types of nest. One such type is the Epigeous nest ie, the nest built on the ground surface. All the termites are not mound builders and the only genus Copoterms of the family Rhinotermitidae build mounds. The epigeous nest is of importance for ground water exploration. High humidity is essential for the very survival of the species in arid and semi arid tracts. To maintain high humidity the termites have constant touch with ground water however deep it may be. The chief mechanism of the termites that contribute to humidi…